A Familiar Topic

I remember writing this post when Evan was just a month old. I was going on little more than my own daydreams and a few touching gestures between Kostyn and his new baby brother.

I remember writing this one after the first real exchange between the two of them, in the dawn of Kostyn realizing that maybe Evan was a little more than a permanent appendage on Mommy's body.

Those posts, and a few others like them, voiced my dream for them as siblings. And I admit, those dreams are big. Because before — and even after — we grow up and get partners and spouses and families "of our own," our siblings are the first peers we learn "to love, honor and cherish, 'til death do we part."

These days my boys are displaying those lessons every day, all the time, when they wrestle and giggle, when they mimic each other, when they make each other cry and then make up and move on.

They disappear around the corner playing Follow the Leader, and when they emerge a few seconds later they've switched places and sippy cups. The leader follows, the follower leads, and off they go: Marching, sipping, smiling. Siblings.

More, here.

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