The start of something big

I love you well, my little brother,
And you are fond of me;
Let us be kind to one another,
As brothers ought to be.
You shall learn to play with me,
And learn to use my toys;
And then I think that we shall be
Two happy little boys.

(Mother Goose)

I had a little brother
And brought him to my mother
And I said I want another
Little brother for a change.
But she said don't be a bother
So I took him to my father
And I said this little bother
Of a brother's very strange.

But he said one little brother
Is exactly like another
And every little brother
Misbehaves a bit he said.
So I took the little bother
From my mother and my father
And put the little bother
Of a brother back to bed.

(Mary Ann Hoberman)

Life gave me a brother
To teach me about life
He loves me and aggravates me
And gives me strength and strife.

Thank goodness for little brothers
They are special as can be
Don't mess with my little brother
Or you'll have to deal with me.



Lis said...

Love it!!!! What great boys you have.

Maestra said...

I can't wait for summer!

Christopher said...

good stuff, baby.