When I started this blog in early 2006, my intention was to write about whatever interested or entertained me, as well as to keep far-away relatives up-to-date on my life. At the time that life included working long hours at a daily newspaper, drinking impressive amounts of beer and wine (and champagne!) on the weekends, and committing my (sober) free time to volunteering with various nonprofit organizations.

My life did not include even the hint of a child on the horizon.

But with unexpected motherhood came a whole new source of writing inspiration, and by the time I had my second son in early 2009 I was basically writing about nothing but them. Sometimes I sit and try to think of other stuff to write about, but I usually come back around to the boys, to the wonder of little ones in general and the trials (and triumphs) of motherhood.

Here are a few favorite posts (some of my favorites, and some reader favorites) from the past few years...

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