About Me

Hi, I'm Robyn; thanks for stopping by. If you've read a blog post or two, you've already gathered that I'm blessed to be a mother of two little boys who teach me way more than I could ever hope to pass on to them. I'm equally blessed to be married to a journalist/drummer/fisherman/runner/poet/sailor/cook who is really good at all those things but, it turns out, even better at being a daddy.

In my previous life I was a newspaper editor and columnist, but I've traded daily deadlines for diapers and I couldn't be happier about it. (Well, except on days when the kids are extra-whiny and bicker a lot. On those days I'd like my daily deadlines back. And an office to go with them. And a commute to that office, during which rock music with questionable language plays very loudly in my car while nobody asks me questions constantly about everything we pass along the way.)

I started this blog for kicks back in early 2006 when there were no children on the horizon (that I knew of...), which is why the name — I'm Just Sayin' — has absolutely nothing to do with children, family or faith, my main topics these days. As this blog morphed more and more into a blog about my kids I considered changing the name, but seeing as there are a million "mom blogs" out there, I'm pretty sure anything clever or cute that's more befitting the subject matter is taken. Plus, I still kinda like I'm Just Sayin'. (Just sayin'.)

In my free time I work as a freelance writer, blogger and editor. I follow a strict "Eat Chocolate Every Day" diet, and I dance around the house with my kids a lot. (Their current favorites are Gaslight Anthem, Michael Franti, Hillsong and Raffi; I'm trying to get them to love Led Zeppelin as much as I do, but so far Plant's voice kind of freaks them out.)

I could go on, but really this very early, pre-kids blog post sums me up pretty well.
To get in touch with me directly, email rspassante@gmail.com.

Again, thanks for visiting. Come back soon!

Here's me (with a warm kid and a cold beer)....

....and here's my life. (Looks peaceful and quiet, doesn't it?
Did I also mention my husband is a drummer?)