Wordless Wednesday

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I haven't done a side-by-side picture comparison in awhile so....

Here's Kostyn, 6 months:

And here's Evan, 6 months:

Here's Kostyn all smiles 'cause he can sit up all on his own (and 'cause he just opened a Penn State jersey, as this was taken Christmas morning 2007):

And Evan, proud as a peacock for the same reason (Well, he didn't just open a jersey. But he will get to wear it!):

Whaddaya think? When I look at pics of them separately I don't see much resemblance at all. But side by side like this, I see a lot more.


Lyn said...

think in general they have a brotherly resemblance, but I see so much of Chris in Kostyn and so much...SO MUCH...of YOU in Evan. I swear, if you just put a brown wig on him you'd never be able to tell that it wasn't a picture of YOU!

Sheila said...

All I can see is Evan with those Rydzy eyes and brows!! And that you've got a couple of handsome boys there.

Heather said...

Sweet! Love the look on Evan's face. What a little man!!!!