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I just stopped by here to upload a few photos for Wordless Wednesday and realized, holy crap, my blog has become nothing but photos! This is disconcerting given the fact that I'm, ya know, a writer (and most certainly NOT a photographer, as you can tell by the last several posts).

Not that anyone is looking for an explanation, but the reason for my lack of writing anything substantial lately is threefold:

1. Physical. Apart from the normal fatigue that comes from running after a toddler and nursing a 6-month-old 'round the clock, my body seems to be playing tricks on me. Specifically my thyroid, which appears to be seizing up, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, unable to concentrate or finish a thought. Or a story. Or a blog post. My brain feels like it's permanently scrambled, which is maddening and stressful. Luckily this morning's visit to an endocrinologist should help get me back on track. I am so looking forward to having a clearer head and the energy to do something with it.

2. Emotional. There is an aspect of parenting that has absolutely knocked me on my ass of late. I really want to blog about it but haven't been able to find the words or the emotional strength to do so. The thing is, until I do write about it I think every other blog post idea I think of (and there have been many over these last several weeks) will ultimately be blocked by the one I can't seem to write. Such is life as a writer. I gotta get it outta my head and off my chest before I can move forward. So I will. Soon.

3. Logistical. The only time I have to write "for pleasure" (why does that word always seem a little dirty to me?) is late at night, which is also the only reliable time I have to write "for business." Since I can't seem to focus or concentrate or remember stuff lately, it's taking me twice as long to finish work-related assignments. This leaves no time for idle musings that aren't making me any money. Bummer.

That's my story. And now, onto the photos....

Here are a few of my sweet niece Cora, whose sixth birthday party was last Saturday.

Proudly holding her cousin Evan:

The cake, which she helped frost:

I wonder what I wished for when I turned 6.

You're gorgeous, girl, and your Aunt Robyn loves you very much!


Lis said...

These pics are wonderful. I want copies. I can't believe how old she looks, especially in the first one. We are so glad you could make it. We had a wonderful weekend.

Lyn said...

I miss you guys so much! Reading this made me cry...CORA IS SO BIG!!!