Wordless Wednesday

Look who's sitting all on his own!

What is it with little boys and sticks?

Here's a rare camera-ready smile from KO; the darn kid will rarely give me a grin for a snapshot these days. (Incidentally, in the background you can see his playroom, which has become his favorite little place in the world since we moved here. The room was billed as a library but we had other plans from the get-go. It's great to have the bulk of the toys NOT all over the living room, but to still have him and his toys near the living room. It's my favorite part about this house.)


RyderMakes3 said...

Look at that big boy sitting up on his own!
What an awesome playroom! It reminds me of Christopher Robin's bedroom, and brings back memories of my own childhood, watching the Pooh movies over and over...=)

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Wow!! What a big boy you have there sitting down all by himself!!! WTG!!!

Heather said...

I love the playroom. Are those built-in book shelves I see? LUCKY!