It's a....

...GIRL!! My sister finally, FINALLY went into labor early this morning and delivered her precious little gift to the world less than 5 minutes before landing in her hospital room. It was a whirlwind labor and delivery but everyone is doing great and the whole family couldn't be happier.

I heard the news before 8 a.m. but waited all day to post this because they hadn't named her yet. Then a few hours ago (still without a name to attach to my new niece) I remembered that my sister and her family don't like their names to be publicly broadcast on this (or any other) blog. So I couldn't have told you even if she wasn't continuing to go by "Baby."

Congrats to you, Maestra, as well as Papa Bear and Little Bear. Can't wait to meet her in a couple of days.

And now, Heather's next: She's cozied up in her hospital bed where she and her husband checked in earlier this evening in preparation for her scheduled induction first thing in the morning. Prayers to you girlfriend. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl you've been baking in there -- and to hear some names for these babies!


Kim Lionetti said...

After being a week and a half overdue, I think she was entitled to a "whirlwind" delivery.

Congrats to you and them! Can't wait to hear all the details!

Robyn said...

No doubt, Kim, no doubt.

And now we can officially welcome Griffin Everett into the world, as Heather finally gave birth (after what I hear was a very long labor filled with complications that unfortunately led to a C-section) to a bouncing (Why do we say that? They're really not bouncing at this stage...) baby boy. Congrats sistah... Now the fun REALLY begins!