Random Acts of Blogness

There are some things happening in my life that I consider to be pretty darn significant, yet I haven’t blogged about them. So I thought I’d at least give a mention to the following developments:

1. Still no baby for either my sister or my friend Heather. (Remember, sis was due July 30; Heather was due Aug. 2. These delays are unacceptable. Unacceptable! Do you hear me, babies?! If you don’t come out THIS INSTANT you will be GROUNDED!)

I talked to my sister this morning and her new tactic was to make plans as if the baby was definitely not on his/her way. She and her husband were hiring a sitter for their 4-year-old and going to see a movie this afternoon. Here’s hoping her water broke before the opening credits. Failing that, here’s hoping she didn’t miss anything critical during her numerous bathroom breaks.

2. My best friend just moved within 2 hours of me!! I cannot stress enough how psyched I am about this. Sheila and I have been best pals since about first grade, with never a cross word between us in all those years. One of the best years of my life was the year after college when we lived together (along with another friend, Jamie, who is one of the quirkiest, funniest cats around) in a tiny apartment on Broadway in Saratoga Spring, NY. Had. A. Blast. (Incidentally, we also worked together -- though on separate shifts -- at a TV listings syndicate in Glens Falls that year, too. Um, that wasn’t so much fun. On the upside, I scored a husband there.)

But then I quit my job and skipped town to follow some guy (a.k.a. Chris, that future husband I scored at TV Data) to Florida, and a few months later Sheil packed up and headed to NYC for grad school. That was 1996, and for the next 12 years we didn’t live closer to each other than about 15 hours by car.

Last fall when Chris got a job in Harrisburg, PA, and we hauled all our stuff back north, Sheila and I were giddy at the prospect of living a mere 6 hours apart, as she was back up in Saratoga by then. And it has been dreamy; we’ve actually seen each other three times in the 10 months I’ve been up here, which is WAY above our annual average.

But now. NOW, she’s dating this great guy who makes his home in Philly and, well, you get the idea. Two. Hours. So pyched. Welcome (back) to the Commonwealth, Sheil! This state just got a whole lot better.

3. We’re moving again. Not buying a house, just moving to a different rental house in a different area, mostly to save money but also to give the kids just a bit more space to play and a better yard for running around. It’s not an ideal situation (is there even such a thing?) and the thought of packing and cleaning and painting and hauling and unpacking and cleaning with a baby and a toddler is so very unappealing. But we’re making the best of it, and we’re excited for the change and looking forward to exploring the little town of Carlisle, where we’ll be by the end of the month.

4. I’m working on revamping my sad, sorry excuse for a “professional” Web site. I threw that thing up almost a year ago and though I’ve been working fairly steadily since then, you’d never know it because I haven’t updated so much as one clip on the darn thing in a year. Plus I want it to link to this blog, among other things. Plus, turns out I just generally hate it. So an overhaul is necessary.

As part of my tinkering, I’ve been tweaking the ol’ blog a bit. (Have you even noticed?) Please let me know if you hate the changes, or if you come across any wrong or broken links, or if you have any ideas about how to make it way, way better than it is now (which wouldn’t take much, I realize). Oh, and thanks for reading!


Maestra said...

Ate dinner out. Watched the movie. (Realized we are old because the teens' in the audience snickering and making comments and burping and waving their cell phones around irritated us.) Returned home. Little Bear suggests we go out again tomorrow night because he had such a great time with the sitter.

Still. No. Baby. (sigh)

Heather said...

Lots of exciting changes going on for you! Yayy!

Amy said...

so so so excited for you & sheila!

Emilia said...

So happy you'll have your best friend close by. And a little jealous, too. But in a good way :)

Sheila said...

Glad to be here :).