I listened to this exchange last night after lights out, as the two of them stared at the little blue stars projected onto the ceiling from their ladybug night light. It reminded me of about every third conversation my sisters and I had growing up.

Kostyn: “Evan, do you know I picked BLUE stars tonight for the ladybug?”

Evan: “No.”

Kostyn: "Yes they're blue tonight Evan! See?"

Evan: "Nooo."

Kostyn: “Blue is my favorite color Evan.”

Evan: “No.”

Kostyn: “Yes it is.”

Evan: “Uhhh no.”

Kostyn: “Blue is my favorite color. You like green, and I like blue.”

Evan: “Uhhhh, no.”

Kostyn: “EVAN!”

Evan: “Uhhhh no.”

Me: “Evan stop teasing Kostyn.”

Evan: “No.”

Me: “Evan?”

Evan: “O-tay Nonny.”

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