For God So Loved the World That He Gave Us Public Television, That Whosoever Doesn't Have Cable Still Has Dr. Seuss

I came downstairs this morning and overheard the end of an exchange between the boys in their playroom. I stood on the stairs and just listened.

“...and we really, really will, Evan. We will. OK?” Kostyn said.


“But first we must go in and sit on the couch and the big chairs,” Kostyn said, then added, “that God gave us.”

My mother’s pride swelled momentarily at my 3-year-old mentioning God’s creation wait is he talking about the couch?

“What are you boys talking about?” I came around the corner and asked, as they were walking hand in hand toward the living room.

“I was just telling Evan,” Kostyn said. “He wanted to eat breakfast and I wanted to watch TV and he kept saying ‘No no no,’ so I told him that we had to watch TV first and THEN we could eat breakfast.”

Thank you, God, for couches, on which we are able to sit and watch “The Cat In The Hat” while our little brother starves obediently beside us. Amen.

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Christopher said...

those boys crack me up. heh.