Half-birthday wishes

The following exchange between Kostyn and myself took place out of the blue a few days ago. My birthday is in February, so I'm not sure what prompted it.

"Happy birthday Mommy!!"

"Oh, wow! Thank you! How old am I today?"

"Well, you are 20 years ago!"

"If I was 20 years ago, you wouldn’t be here and I would be 17."

"Seventeen?! I don’t know about 17. Can I have cake?"

"Um, we don’t have any cake."

"No cake! But it’s your birthday!"

It ain't my favorite (chocolate mayo cake), but for a half-birthday I guess it was appropriate:

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Chelle said...

he is just too wonderful for words...i remember when olivia was "assigned" a half-birthday in pre-k. they had cupcakes that they all "made" themselves. she brought one home, minus the frosting. when we asked her where the frosting was, she said she licked it off cuz it was her birfday cuppacake!