A Perfect '10'. Months, that is.

I am completely in love

with this face

this determination

this personality

this desire

this heart

this smile

this voice

this laugh

this will

this little boy.


Kostyn and Evan's Grammy said...

Each of our grandchildren bring their own special personalities to the family and the world at large. Evan's has come through from day one with that first big smile and impish eyes. We are so Blessed.

Lyn said...

Seems to me like the writer is back!

Lisa said...

What a cutie. We just love him to pieces. Can't believe how big he's gotten. You have beautiful children.

Sheila said...

#1. Shame on me for not acknowledging your "comeback" sooner. I'm delighted you're posting here again. #2. This kid is pretty tough to resist! (Bottom pic reminds me the most of KO).