Takin' the ol' kiddie kar for a spin

I almost forgot we went on vacation a month ago and I never even mentioned it here. So as not to bore or overwhelm, I'll post pics in chunks. Tonight: Kostyn's first amusement park ride.

We spent a day at Sylvan Beach in central New York, which was Chris' boyhood summertime hangout spot complete with an old-school midway that was lots of fun. We chose the Kiddie Klassic Kars (man I hate it when people spell stuff wrong on purpose) for him to ride, and he picked his color. Here he is before the ride began, very proud of his car.

Hey, Mama, check me out! Sweet ride, huh?

We were sure he'd love it, since he loves anything that spins him around 'til he's dizzy. But none of us expected this particular "kiddie ride" to move quite so fast. This was snapped the first time he came around.

"Wait, where's my car seat?? Screw the steering wheel, I gotta hang on here..."

Each time he came whipping by, he looked a little less sure that this whole thing was supposed to be fun.

Is this thing speeding up?? S-T-O-P this spells STOP!

This was snapped the fourth time he passed us, right before we had them stop the ride. Admittedly, I was barely controlling my laughter.

For the love of God get me off this death trap!


Kim said...

This totally had me laughing out loud. Too cute.

Now he'll grow up wanting a Volvo.

Maestra said...

Poor baby! But I have to admit this had me rolling with laughter.

Hey, what's wrong with a Volvo? I covet an XC90!

Robyn said...

I felt bad but I was REALLY laughing hard when it happened. Poor kid. To try to avoid him being scarred by it, and scared of amusement park rides, we walked right over to one of my favorite rides -- the teacups (or whatever they're called) -- and Mommy spun around like crazy, laughing the whole time. KO loved watching me.