Listen up, bargain hunters

I need your help, you coupon-clipping, price-memorizing, Sunday circular wizards (you know who you are, and so do I).

Basically I'm trying to save some money. And time. And frustration. And my achin' back. So I'm considering using a new Web-based personal shopper for household goods called The deals seem good, the shipping is free, the site is easy to navigate, and all "my" products are saved into the system so I'm reminded when I'm *probably* getting low on diapers or dog food or toilet paper or laundry detergent.

I've read good things about from the likes of Cool Mom Picks, whose opinion I trust, but I trust YOUR opinions even more, so I'm asking you to check it out. Because frankly, as much as I try to buy generic brands when possible, and use coupons to sweeten a deal, and buy in bulk when I can, there is always one fatal flaw to my frugal shopping plans: I have the memory of a gnat. Seriously, I cannot remember from week to week what the "usual" cost of a box of diapers is, or how much I typically pay for the same damn brand of dog food I buy every other week. I don't know why I can't retain such information, but I can't. Cannot. Even when I get to the store and I say to myself "I am going to concentrate really really hard on this number so that when I go to Target in two days I can check the price there and find out whether I should be buying it there instead of here" the time I get to Target the number has vanished from my brain. (If only I could put prices in Billy Joel-song-lyric form, I'd never forget a-one...)

So I need those of you who do have a knack for remembering more than "Chubby Checker, Psycho, Belgians in the Congo..." to check out and tell me if it really does offer decent prices for stuff we all have to buy from time to time anyway. Because wouldn't it be awesome if we didn't have to leave our houses to buy such necessities? The mere thought of avoiding a toddler meltdown, or at least giving me fewer bulky bags to balance precariously on top of my ridiculous car cart each week, makes me giddy. (Did I mention the shipping is FREE?!)

That's it. You have your assignment. What are you still doing here??

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Ismail hossain sony said...

I'm new here and have been stalking for about 3 days.
I love your community! ANyway, I had a Toys R Us question.
I went two weeks ago and a bunch of formula was marked down because it was going to expire in a month.
I was wondering if anyone has noticed a cycle to these mark downs? I'd love to catch them every month. coupon deals for bargain hunters