1. Naomi Williams died in her sleep in the early morning hours of July 1. Her family was with her, and so many of our prayers will continue to follow her....prayers for her family, and for her peace.

2. One or two people have asked me in passing whether I scored a “date” with Potential Playdate during that last storytime session. I did not. (Story of my life...) She totally hit on Kostyn and I again (“Oh my God, I was watching your son during the songs and stuff and he’s So Darn Cute! And by the way I cannot get OVER the fact that you had a baby three months ago. You look like you were never pregnant!!....”) but alas, no date. The best either of us could muster was a “Well, looking forward to seeing you at the next Storytime session in the fall.” The search continues....

3. The quest for the perfect pop-up camper (and by “perfect” I mean “super-cheap, but not so cheap that the damn thing breaks before we leave the driveway”) continued after our last disappointment. In a surprise turn of events, our landlord offered us $100 for the clunker. We took that money and a few hundred more bills that we really don’t have to spend on such childhood dreams and bought yet another pop-up off Craigslist. After two successful outings I’m ready to report that the third time’s the charm! This one’s a tiny speck of a thing, sleeps six, with a little attached awning and a two-burner stove and sink and icebox and the best part is it actually, you know, pops up. We love it! Towed the little bugger to NY last week, where the darn rain nearly waterlogged all our camping plans but we still managed to squeeze in one good campfire. Photos to come.

4. A couple weeks ago Evan rolled over from back to front. He also laughed out loud for the first time (at his brother, with whom he is completely in love). I wrote both in his baby book. :)

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Lis said...

Miss you guys already. Can't wait to see you again next week.