Let's Review:

1. Bought a sailboat. It was stolen.

2. Bought a pop-up. It was a scam.

3. Bought another pop-up. Was such a good deal that it seemed too good to be true.

4. It was.

After spending weeks fixing it up, purchasing new stuff and accepting tons of hand-me-down camping gear from my folks, packing clothes and washing new dishes and buying all sorts of food for our first family camping weekend, the damn thing busted in three places last night while we were getting it ready to go. Now we've got linens, food, dishes and dreams stuck inside (I'm particularly pissed that I packed the Oreos in there before we lowered the top...), and nobody we called today seems to be able to fix it.

So now we're left wondering what to do. Do we keep searching for someone who can repair a camper that's so old nobody says it's worth saving? Do we sink more money into a newer used pop-up and hope that the third time's the charm?

Or do we throw our hands in the air (shake fists toward the heavens?), scream "OK! OK! We get it! We're not supposed to EVER do anything fun as a family!" to nobody in particular, join Netflix and become couch potatoes?

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