Family Ties

Six months ago we left the home we loved in South Carolina to make a new life in Pennsylvania, largely because it is so much closer to "home." And by "home" I mean family, for that's what home really is.

That decision already has paid off in spades, evidenced by the fact that all of my immediate family members (and Chris' parents) already have met little Evan, and he's only 3 weeks old. It's such a blessing for everyone to be just a short drive away from us, rather than a 16-hour two-day car ride.

A few snapshots of the family meeting its newest member (all labeled according to what Kostyn calls them):

"En" with "Kiki" and "Te-goo"

"En" with "Lia"

"Manny" holding "En" and "Papa" holding "Non"

"Manny" and "En" (He'll graduate to "Grammy" and "Evan" one of these days...)

"Manny" and "Non" (He's great at spelling his own name, but not so good at pronouncing it.)

"Papa" and "En"


maureen said...

you have a beautiful family. :)

Dee said...

I'm so happy that everyone got to meet Evan already...thanks for the pics!!! Love you, Aunt Dee

Heather said...

The South misses the Passante family!