We had our first snowfall this evening! I realize this is something I will eventually not be all that excited about, but we've been very psyched to show Kostyn the wonder and beauty of snowfall.

Chris called on his way home to tell me it was snowing, and I immediately scooped up the Bear, wrapped him in a blanket and stepped out onto the front porch. It was already dark outside and you could see the snow illuminated from the porch light and the street lights, with that familiar hush that blankets the land when it's snowing. Just the sound of frozen flakes hitting fallen leaves.

Kostyn was astounded. I watched him as he watched the snow. Instinctively he stuck out his hand to try to catch a falling flake, and his eyes grew huge and his smile widened each time one landed on his sweater. He kept giving me a look like, "Is this real, Mama?! This is magic!"

When Chris got home he changed as quickly as he could and shoved a jacket on Kostyn to go outside and wonder again at the falling snow. Alas, by the time they were both bundled up, the snow had stopped. They stepped out onto our back deck instead so Kostyn could walk around in the light layer of snow that had accumulated, touching it and tasting it and chasing the dog in it.

We are going to have so much fun when there's enough for snow angels! And snowmen! And sledding!


Sheila said...

See, winter isn't all that unbearable =). Go get those boots already, wouldja?

Lyn said...

the first snow fall is always so beautiful. When Leah saw our first dusting of this season, she said "Whatsthis?" and pointed to the ground. Then she got very upset when she realized it was defiling her pretty shoes...(she is such a girly-girl...I have no idea where that comes from!)

Maestra said...

Welcome north, little one. Can't wait to go sledding together!

Ian Leslie said...

Snow! What's that?