My Web site's up!

So I've been working on a very simple professional Web site that would allow me to easily show prospective employers my resume and some writing samples. I finished it several weeks ago but the process of getting it online was more tedious than I'd anticipated, made even longer due to the aforementioned dead laptop.

If anyone is seriously bored and feels like perusing the site, I'd really love some constructive criticism. I know it ain't all that pretty; I wanted to avoid colorful bells and whistles in hopes that the writing itself remained the focus. But if you think of a way to present my clips in a better format, or you see any font or style issues or typos or ANYTHING that could use some tweaking, please let me know.

(Special shoutout to Heather for helping me "go live!" You're the best...)


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Hey hun... Of course I had to take a look at it... So, my 2 cents:

* First, it looks VERY professional and straight to the point which is GREAT!!! I took me time to read it fully and I think it is just great!! =)

* But, your email is posted everywhere, which you shouldnt do... In a matter of days your inbox will be full of junk mail if you keep it up... You need to make a form for people to contact you that will send you the answers straight to your inbox. If you cant figure it out, email me for a quote... I wont charge you much.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

and forgot to say: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! =)

Sheila said...

Rob, it looks great. Really nice job. And of course the fact that you're a brilliant writer doesn't hurt your cause. Just how many tearjerkers, though, should one writer be responsible for penning??!!

You may want it there, but there is a way to eliminate the "made on a mac" logo if you wanted (just click on it and hit delete)