A Question for Music-loving Parents

So Kostyn has definitely found his groove; he bops his head and wiggles his little rump to whatever theme song is on TV. He also has distinct favorite tunes on his various toys that play music, and will push a button or turn a knob over and over until his favorite comes on. Then he gets his groove on.

Unfortunately, he's not finding my acoustic coffeehouse/easy listening rock stuff danceable (Have you ever tried to dance to Tom Waits or David Gray?), and that's largely what I (read: we) listen to during the day.

So today I tried a variety of songs from my iTunes library that move me — without much luck. He turned his nose up at everything from "Starry Eyed Surprise" to "South Bound Suarez." Didn't like old-school MJ, and didn't want to 'get jiggy wit' Will Smith. He didn't even head-bop to Earth, Wind and Fire. The only thing that got his little butt shaking was KC and the Sunshine Band's "Get Down Tonight." Big score with that one.

But as much as I dig the tune, it will get old fast. (Hell, it's already pretty darn old...) So I need your help. Many of you are parents, and many of those parents are music lovers. Are there any kid-friendly tunes/CDs/groups that toddlers love and adults don't hate? I really, really, really have no interest in groups like The Wiggles, but I'm not opposed to trying something if the consensus is "it doesn't suck, and makes my kid happy."



Maestra said...

Dan Zanes is a big hit around here.

So is Putumayo.

We're just getting into They Might Be Giants.

Of course we have plenty of typical circle time music from my teaching days. Little Bear LOVES Raffi which means I tolerate it for a while on a long car trip and plug it into his iFlop for him on other occasions. My favorites of this type of kid's music are Hap Palmer, Tom Hunter, Red Grammer and John McCutcheon. Also, Greg and Steve are the go-to guys for directed active songs like Freeze Dance and Bean Bag Boogie.

I always found that my preschoolers liked less vocals and more pure instrumental sounds for background music; like acoustic guitar or steel drums or piano jazz. They also liked things like the Benedictine Monks or African tribal chanting, Native American flutes and environmental music cds like wind chimes and rainstorms.

I know this is another post, but as KO gets a little older you can check out the myriad of cool storytelling podcasts available. My favorite storyteller is still Jim Weis and he has amazing stuff available.

Check out the library. I'm always amazed at how much audio stuff the children's sections have. You can also sample all of the above just by scheduling a visit with your wonderful big sister. :) Happy Listening!

Kim L said...

I had this problem too. Hate those damn Wiggles.

I really don't have good advice. One kids' group I was always tempted to buy was "Hot Peas n' Butter." You can check that out on ITunes. I never did take the plunge though. Just have heard them on Noggin and liked their sound.

Let me know what you come up with. Nicky does like some Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. He sings "uh oh, uh oh" to "Crazy in Love." :)

Lauren said...

Logan swayed back & forth to Metallica...not kid-friendly, but he liked it!

Robyn said...

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I got a playlist already from my pal Jeff, too. (We're gonna try it today, Fancypants.)

Yesterday Kostyn was grooving to The Weepies' "Gotta Have You," and to Jakob Dylan's "Something Good This Way Comes." Maybe my coffeehouse crap is catching on!

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