Random thoughts on a Sunday night

1. Why is it the night before Chris' new job starts and I'm the one feeling nervous, as if tomorrow is the first day of school? He's calm, cool and excited about it. I'm not gonna sleep a wink tonight.

2. ESPN.com's Gamecast is excruciating to watch, but at least it's something. Also, the Bills are 4-0 for the first time in 16 years!! The last time that happened, they went to the Super Bowl. That's as far as I'm willing to take that thought. Cowboys/Giants/Redskins fans...I don't want to hear it.

3. PSU's up to No. 6 after yesterday's wild day of college football and last night's sound beating of Illinois. I'm actually not all that comfortable with us being so high so early, but am admittedly a little giddy that for once in my life, both of my football teams are undefeated a month into the season. Amazing. Also, is it just me or does the Top 25 look totally bizarre? USF is No. 10? I'm getting used to seeing Boise State up there (Shoutout, Allison!), but ... Vanderbilt?

4. This is one of my recent favorite photos, taken last week before the move. Kostyn's latest thing is to wait until our dog, Sadie, is lying down, and then back his little butt over to her and plop down on her back. Sadie is soooo gentle with Kostyn; she just gives me that "Really? It's come to this?" look and lays there. I don't encourage this behavior, mind you, but I did manage to capture it on film.

5. Almost forgot .... I'm quoted in the October/November issue of Modern Bride! It's just a small quote, an answer to an etiquette question on page 176, but still ... the fact that they contacted me for an article because I'm a wedding expert is pretty cool!


Maestra said...

Considering the timing, I have to say that he looks like he's thinking, "Fine. They've decided to turn my world upside down without consulting me. They're packing my toys, moving me away from my friend and on top of everything they're talking about bringing in another kid. I've been trying to explain to them how I feel about all of this but they just don't seem to understand me. Fine. I'm just going to sit on the dog. So there!" The funny thing is Sadie seems resigned to commiseration. ; )

Robyn said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's not so thrilled at the prospect of another little Kostyn running her down, tugging on her ears, sitting on her.

Grammy said...

That is just the cutest picture!!!
I agree totally with maestra. He has that " here I am and what are you going to do about it " look. I've always said Sadie is a GREAT dog and a perfect companion for a busy little boy.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

I love that picture. He looks so sure of himself!