What do ya think?

So my hairdresser — the same woman I've been going to for six years — told me a few days ago that she finally figured out who the famous person was that I looked like. It hit her as she was watching a Lifetime movie the night before. (This should have been my first clue that the news would not be favorable.) "Valerie Bertinelli!" she said triumphantly, staring at me in wonder as if the former Mrs. Eddie Van Halen was standing right there in front of her. "I mean, it's amazing!" she said, staring some more and shaking her head. "Spitting image."
Then she proceeded to tell me how Ms. Bertinelli was definitely looking older and that she'd put on some weight, and she "was letting some gray show through her hair now."
I wasn't sure how to take any of that.
I don't have anything against Valerie Bertinelli. She's adorable. It's just ... as far as celebrity lookalikes go, she's not my first choice.
Sorry Eddie.
(Bonus shot of my dog. This pic was taken yesterday. That's my new front door!) :)


Sheila said...

Truthfully, I don't really feel sorry for you (although Val has had better days than the one in this particular phto) I get told I look like more washed up celebrities than anyone on the planet. The least scathing is Neve Campbell, although she has no forehead and a mouth full of horse teeth. Then there's Molly Ringwald (always with the caviat "but when she was young and cute, not the bloated way she looks now!"). I think the most depressing one is Monica Lewinsky. How do you respond when someone tells you you look like Monica Lewinsky???

Robyn said...

You do look like Neve Campbell. And Neve Campbell is hot.
Valerie Bertinelli has a face as round as a pie. PLUS, one of the first things Chris told me about his former girlfriend was that she looked a lot like Valerie Bertinelli. It's the first thing that popped into my head when the stylist said that to me. I was like, "All these years and I didn't realize .... does Chris have a type?!!!"
(Condolences about Monica. There is less than zero resemblance.)

Kim Lionetti said...

Sheila-- The Neve Campbell thing is definitely there. I mean Lance and his brother were CONVINCED you were her that time at Route 66. That story is still so crazy to me when you think about the size of New York. Anyway, Robyn, I'd say get a new hairdresser, if it weren't for the fact that your hair looks pretty darn good in that pic.

Ten, twelve years ago somebody told me I looked like Michelle Pfeiffer, and it was enough to keep me going out with him a couple more months even though I wasn't that into him. But I've got you all beat on the scariest comparison. Someone pegged me for Liza Minelli once. Pre- or post- David Guest, it doesn't matter. Doesn't get much worse.

Dan R. said...

A while back, on of my aunts told me I looked like David Haselhoff. I just laughed at her. Then one day at the gas station the check-out clerk randomly pointed out to her co-worker that I looked like David Haselhoff. I’m not sure if I should be happy or depressed.

My wife, Keri, is constantly told she looks like Sondra Bullock.


PS - I would take the Valerie Bertinelli comment a great compliment She’s incredibly beautiful

ZFooFoo said...

Wow! A voice from the past! (Happy that I'm sitting down as visions of Robyn in peach colored bo-peep taffeta assult my mind's eye.) If I add a few years of maturity (and 14 - 16 inches) to the picture I can totally get behind the David Hasselhoff thing. However, the whole "my wife" statement is just too difficult for me to wrap my brain around right now.

Back to the bad celebrity comparisons, I always get SIgourny Weaver. Yep, the bald headed alien fighting suicidal maniac attracting...talk about horse teeth!

Robyn said...

Kielynn - He's got two beautiful kids, too!
And I actually think Sigourney is quite pretty.
But damn, if I could just get the Sandra comment one time. Keri must be gorgeous, Dan.

Anonymous said...

i always thought that you where more of a mary-louise parker...

Amy P said...

nothing wrong with Valerie... and you look great!! can't wait to see you in two weeks.

I get -- Andie McDowell, Gloria Estafan, and the chick from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.....