The great outdoors (Seriously, it's great!)

I think I've made it clear that I've been working a lot. Among other things, my fitness routine has suffered — as in, it's been virtually nonexistent. So in the spirit of getting more active on the weekends, and trying new things, I recently agreed to try one of Chris' many hobbies -- kayaking. I had been reluctant to try this before because, well, there are gators in the water here. Gators. And for all the reassurances from other kayakers that "The gators are more afraid of you" and "If they see you they just dive below the surface of the water and disappear" (THIS IS A GOOD THING?!), I had thus far shunned all kayaking invitations.
Until now.

The first 10 minutes were excruciating for both me and Chris, and not because of any gators (he took me to a lagoon where there are none). I am the type who gets frustrated easily if I'm not excelling. So when I started paddling (against an incoming tide, mind you) I couldn't understand why my shoulders and back already were feeling fatigued. I know tons of people way less fit than I who do this and love it, I kept thinking. What is my problem? This isn't fun at all!

But Chris watched my paddling technique and showed me what I was doing wrong. After some minor adjustments, I settled into the peace and quiet of the lagoon. It was beautiful! We paddled out to the ocean and pulled our kayaks up onto a secluded beach, where we swam for awhile and ate some snacks. Then we paddled back (with the tide this time -- much more enjoyable!) to our starting point. The whole trip wasn't much more than 4 miles, but it was fun. I just might do it again. Gators be damned.


Kim said...

Yay! A new post! I'm very impressed. You look like an expert kayaker in the photo. But what are those two eyeballs sticking up out of the water next to you?!!!! ;)

Sheila said...

I kayaked on Sunday too (also in gator-free water). Glad you were able to have at least a couple hours away from the office.