The Longest Shortest Day of the Year

Yesterday the following things occurred, in order:

Kostyn peed through his pajamas, sheets and blanket, twice in one night.

Both times I was up I forgot that there was A LUNAR ECLIPSE happening and didn't even pull the curtains back to take a look.

I got hopelessly lost driving to a children’s birthday party and we arrived 20 minutes late.

It took an hour of wrestling, rocking, demanding and cajoling to get one child to take a nap. The other never caved.

I had a total meltdown stemming from the stress of having to move (re: mold) at the most inopportune time in our lives.

I ruined all of our Christmas cookies and one perishable Christmas gift we had stored in plastic containers in the oven* when I preheated the oven for dinner and forgot to look inside first.

I ruined dinner in the process.

I dropped a 2-liter bottle of cran-grape juice and the top broke, splattering half a bottle of dark red juice all over the kitchen.

For the shortest day of the year, it was a very long day. It is somehow comforting to know that today there will be less darkness and more light, guaranteed.

*I sure wish I had taken a picture of the melted plastic and chocolate destruction that was inside our oven. Unfortunately I have no visual proof. But the smell of burning plastic lingers...


Lyn said...

Yikes. That one hurt! I have had days like those, too. Here's hoping you don't have many more!

Amy said...

wine. a big glass of wine. that's how I would've ended a day like that.