Sunday Slice of Life

The following random exchange took place between Kostyn and I late this afternoon when I got up to stretch my legs after an extra-long puzzle-making and books-reading session with him.

"Hey, Mommy, I wanna show you somethin’ in the playroom!"
"Oh honey what do you want to show me? I’m kinda tired, I need to rest right now."
"Aww, are you ruined?"
"What? No, I wouldn’t say I’m ruined. I’m just tired."
"Aww, you’re ruuuuiiiined. But you look great! You’re really good and great."
"Thank you, Kostyn."
"You look very nice and great. You’re OK."
"Aww, thank you honey. I’m fine."
"You’re good, Mommy. Very good and nice."
*He pats my leg*
"Kostyn, what do you want?"
"Nothin’ Mommy. Gotta dash!"

And off he went, leaving me very much the opposite of ruined.

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Christopher said...

That kid cracks me up.