Not a Shadow of a Doubt

Someday, a long time from now,
you’ll look at these pictures and smile.
You probably won’t remember this particular playground,
or this particular day.

You won’t remember how you ignored the other kids
and played with your shadow instead.
And you won’t remember how joyful you were
to realize your shadow always played back.

You won’t remember hiding your shadow inside Daddy’s,
or studying the differences, and similarities, between the two.

Someday any photo of your father will make you think
of how he pledged his life to you,
and your brother,
when you were born.

Someday you will believe that no matter how big you get,
you could never match the length of his shadow,
or the depth of his love for you.

You will know
that he has guarded and guided you,

but never overshadowed you.

Someday you won’t need a picture to show you that,
because a lifetime of being his son
will have etched it on your heart.

But I took these photos
so you could see it anyway,
right there on the concrete
on this hot, sunny Father’s Day.


Tami said...

You always word things just right! :)

Dee said...

Awesome, loved these pictures, but especially your words!!!!

Lis said...