A Peek Into My Life

I watch these — and dozens like them — and I cannot believe how big my boys are getting. This first one is of something we call Evan's Jig. He does it with or without musical accompaniment though often, like here, he makes his own. (Taken 3/31/10)


Here's a clip of the boys playing. Kostyn appears to be in the lead position through most of it, but watch 'til the end and you'll see the real leader. (Taken 4/26/10)


This one makes me laugh from start to finish. (Note: The videographer was not injured in the filming of this segment.) (Taken 5/3/10)



Lyn said...

Adorable and priceless. You'll be so glad you took the time to videotape these guys now!

Sheila said...

Long overdue! Thanks for posting them.

Lis said...

How cute. I miss everyone.

Dee said...

Beautiful memories...they are growing fast~~