Overheard at the Playground

Kid 1 (female): I eat my boogers all the time.
Kid 2 (male): You do?
Kid 1: Yeah, my mom makes me eat them.

Also this exchange, which imparts a lesson this little boy will learn over and over and over in his lifetime.

Little boy: Hi! Wanna play Tops and Robbers?
Little girl: OK.
boy: I’ll be the top, and you be the robber. I have to arrest you because you keep stealing stuff.
girl: I don’t steal. I’m just mean to people.
boy: No, for the game you steal.
girl, indignant: I DON’T steal!
boy, agitated: FOR THE GAME. It’s Tops and Robbers!
girl: No, I’m mean but I don’t steal!
boy, conceding defeat: OK. You wanna be the top and I’ll be the robber?
girl, smiling sweetly: OK!

And my favorite, from Kostyn, as I took off his shoes at naptime and some dirt and tiny wood chip pieces fell out:
“Ohh! I have playground on my socks!”

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Dee said...

awesome memories....you have to write these down in his book....fun ones to remember, glad the weather is getting better so you can enjoy the parks