Bittersweet Bye-Bye

As I've said before, Saturday mornings are my time to escape for a few hours alone at a nearby coffee shop to get some work done and soak in the silence. This morning as I was fumbling for my keys at the door, with my coat already on and my laptop bag slung over my shoulder, Evan came toddling up to me wearing his PJs and the biggest grin in his arsenal. For a split second I just saw the smile and thought, How great! For once he isn't upset that I'm leaving!

And then I noticed he was holding his jacket. He thrust it at me, still smiling. Seeing me preparing to leave, he'd gone straight to the coat rack in the hallway and fetched his own jacket. I didn't know whether to stifle a laugh or a tear.

I'll be back soon, little one.


Kostyn and Evan's Grammy said...

I can't believe he knew his own jacket and had the sense to get it and bring it to you. He only turned 1 four days ago. You better keep an eye on this darling boy.

Dee said...

Good try Ev...probably wanted another trip to the park!!!