"Wordless" Wednesday

It figures that the (seemingly only) two adults living in PA who love the snow have two offspring who don't seem the least bit interested in playing outside in it. They fight us over wearing hats, refuse to wear mittens, fuss over putting on boots....it's exhausting just getting out the door. So the other morning I brought the snow inside to them instead, and my what a great time they had. A little food coloring and some random utensils and toys, and Voila! A morning of snowy fun where Mommy didn't have to leave the cozy confines of the kitchen (and her coffee). They played so long I had to go fetch another shovelful from the front yard.

Snow is yummy, whether you catch it on your tongue as it's falling ... or scoop it up out of a bin on your kitchen floor.


Maestra said...

Way to go with the creative Mama thinking! This is always one of Brother Bear's favorite activities too. I actually bought one of those tubes of polar animals at the craft store a couple of weeks ago to surprise him with next time we bring the snow indoors - which from the looks of things may be as early as tomorrow.

Heather said...

What a great idea!

Dee said...

awesome, looks like fun!!! Great idea!!!