Treat or Treat

I’ve been stressed out about this lingering bowl of Halloween candy on my counter. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m eating it, I’m just stressed out about eating it.) Chris didn’t want to take it to work, and I can justify giving my high-energy 2-year-old only so many Milky Way bites. (The cutoff came last week when he began asking for treats at breakfast. “I don’t want Cheerios. Treeeeeeeats!” And when his pretend “meat” in his little play kitchen set suddenly became “chocolate.” “Mama want some bread and carrots and chocolate?” Why, yes, I do. That’s the problem....)

I’ve thought long and hard about throwing out the whole thing like my friend Paula did, but tossing perfectly good chocolate into the trash just seems patently wrong. So in a fit of “What can I do with all these treats” madness, I started looking up recipes online for leftover Halloween candy. And I found this one. Even went to the store and bought a yellow cake mix, ready to crumble up the last of these Snickers and be done with it.

And then, the lightbulb. “Waaaaait a minute. In order to get rid of this candy and therefore not be tempted anymore by all these useless calories, I’m going to crumble up the candy and add it to cake mix, melted butter and brown sugar? And then eat THAT?”

Needless to say, I didn’t make the Snickers cookies.

I made chocolate chip cookies instead.


Amy said...

while we still have a huge bowl that mike insists he is eating, I also donated a ton to the military - they make stockings for the soliders in Iraq and Afghanistan for Christmas but b/c they have to ship so early the leftover halloween candy works great! you may find somewhere to donate it near you... just a thought! :)

Lyn said...

There is a dentist in our town that pays $2 per pound for candy you bring to him after halloween...maybe one of these years I'll remember that before I've eaten it all!