I think it's his honey obsession

Overheard at our house tonight (while Kostyn was winding down with some "Classic Pooh" after bathtime):

Me: "I think Winnie the Pooh's kind of annoying."

Chris (looking at me like I'd just said I thought kittens were ugly and Santa Claus was a loser): "Robyn, he's a bear of very little brain." (In case you're not familiar, this is a direct quote from the narrator in "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.")

Me (taken aback by my husband's indignant defense of an animated character): "True."


Me (trying to redeem myself): "I like Piglet."


Me (walking away, muttering to myself): "Except for that damn stuttering."

I'm afraid for our kids' futures.


Maestra said...

No doubt your attitude toward this BELOVED icon of childhood innocence comes from some deep-seated subconscious enmity toward your big sister. Most undeserved I am sure.

Wait...okay, had to reread to be sure you were talking about Classic Pooh, don't even get me started on the crap show Disney aires currently - now that's annoying. (Just my humble opinion of course.)

Lyn said...

Its funny, I would have never thought of you as a mutterer...

Robyn said...

Oh Lyn, I'm about as passive-aggressive as they come.

Sis - I feel just the opposite. The "new" Pooh is at least helpful, solving mysteries across the Hundred Acre Wood. The "Classic" Pooh is a honey-sucking zombie, just wandering around with only one thing to say: "Is there honey in that? Can I have some honey? Will there be any honey? I want more honey. Honey honey honey honey see how annoying I am honey?" ;)

(Just kidding, sorta. I do love the classic cartoon, with the narrator and Christopher Robin and all that. It is a classic. Even P-P-P-Piglet.)