Wordless Wednesday

I've seen these daily "blog themes" on other sites and never really wanted to jump on that bandwagon. But I also want to be more disciplined about updating this thing, so perhaps just one weekly theme ain't a bad idea. (Plus maybe it'll get me to take more pictures!) Question is, can I really upload just photos WITHOUT WORDS? Talk about discipline...

Here are my two new favorite photos, both taken at the playground yesterday.

When I look at this image I'm struck by how quickly my baby is becoming a boy. (So fast he's blurry!) Wow.

The comment I get most often about Evan is how much he looks like me, how he has his mother's eyes. Looking at this photo makes me want to say "thank you" to everyone who's ever said that.


Lyn said...

it is so true!

Sheila said...

You've got 2 beautiful boys on your hands there.