To the men in my life

I penned this poem several years ago, and the lovely thing is I don't really remember who I wrote it for first -- my father or my husband. I know both were given copies of their own (with slight pronoun changes) ages ago.

It's not a great poem but it means even more to me today, seeing Chris as a father and my dad as a grandfather to my boys. Because now I am faced with the awesome privilege and challenge of making sure Kostyn and Evan turn out like their daddy and their Pop-pops. Reminding and rededicating myself to that goal will be my gift to all four of them every Father's Day.

Women always end up
marrying their fathers.
That's what they said.
And I'd look at his goofy grin and say,
Not a chance.

And then I grew up and started to see
the simplicity of his philosophies
Family. Love. Commitment.
And I'd look at his kind eyes and say,
Well, maybe parts of him.

And then I met you.
And I see your sweet, sweet disposition.
The strength that comes with
standing again after life knocks you down.
And the quiet passion you have for what's important
Family. Love. Commitment.
And I look into your heart and say,
Thank God I'm as smart as Mom.

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Lyn said...

Beautiful. I'm sure it will be cherished by generations, old and new!