I LOVE this kid

Kostyn LOVES things. This happened suddenly. He’d never professed his love for anything other than me and Daddy. But a couple days ago he found a sheet of Mickey Mouse stickers in “his” desk drawer and came running over to me with them in hand.

“OOOOOH” he said.
“Would you like a sticker?” I asked.
“Ohhhh, yes! I LOVE stickers!” he gushed.
“You do? You love stickers?”
“Ohh, yes!”
“Which one do you want?”
“Dis one. Mouse.”
“Mickey Mouse?”
“Oh, yes! I LOVE Mouse.”
He promptly stuck the sticker on his leg and wanted more.
“You want another one? Which one?”
“Ohhhh, Minnie. I LOVE Minnie.”
This went on and on — “I LOVE Goofy....I LOVE Daisy...” until six stickers were plastered on his shins.

I thought it was cool that he was finally able to verbalize his true affinity for things, and wondered when he’d start to tell us his “favorite” color or his “favorite” animal.

About an hour later we were on our way to the car, and as I juggled Evan's car seat and our bags of stuff to open the car door, Kostyn started his usual commentary:
“Car..(mumble mumble indecipherable toddlerspeak)....the door.”
I did my usual translation: "Yep, Mama’s opening the door to our car."
"I LOVE doors."
"You love doors? Me too."
"Open. I LOVE open."
"Yep, Mama opened the door for Kostyn," as I lifted him up to his seat. "Then we’ll close the door."
"I LOVE closed."
"You love closed?"
"Ohhh YES!"

Yeah. Perhaps we’ve got a ways to go before we get to the concept of “favorites”...

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