Tweet, tweet

I decided to give Twitter a try. I'm working on a few things to try to get myself some more writing gigs, and I'm told Twitter can be a useful marketing tool, if nothing else.

So if you're a Twitterer (I have no idea if that's the right term...), find and follow me! And if you've got any tips about it, this novice would love to hear it.


Morgan Bonner said...

First tip: use an app instead of the website - makes it far more functional. I recommend Nambu -

Second: make use of the search function. Search for whatever interests you, and you'll undoubtedly find new people to follow who post relevant content.

Third: Learn to use Twitpic or similar services, but don't overdo it.

Fourth: remember it's not "What are you doing?", it's "What has your attention right now?"....

Lyn said...

hey, I'm surprised you didn't do this sooner, considering your knick-name!!