Nice Try

Tonight after dinner my husband and brother-in-law went out in search of dessert for all of us, something even I could enjoy despite my no-dairy diet.

They returned with chocolate cream pie.

No, no, not just chocolate cream pie: Double Chocolate Cream Pie. Some kind of cruel joke, do you suppose??

Chris: "You can have that, right?"
Me: "What do you think the 'cream' in 'chocolate cream pie' is?"
Helpful brother-in-law: "Well, it's not really cream."
Chris: "Yeah, it's, ya know, pudding. Jell-o."
Helpful brother-in-law, singing: "Every diet needs a little Jell-o..."
Me: "Pudding is made with, like, 4 cups of milk."
Chris: "Well, damn. If I'd known you couldn't have it, we would have just gotten the key lime cheesecake that we wanted."
Me: "Um....sorry?"


Kostyn and Evan's Grammy said...

Are you serious? Next time you and Michelle go. But tell Chris to hold that thought, Dad love's chocolate cream pie. Sorry Robyn, I know it;s really beem hard, but just look at that darling face. Hope you all have had a good visit.

Robyn said...

This morning he went out to his favorite Italian bakery and brought back cannolis for everyone. It's a good thing I reminded him about the dairy thing because he had forgotten again. He brought back an Italian pastry for me with a dark chocolate center instead (yum!).

Then he sliced up the loaf of Italian bread he bought and made a plate of toast for everyone, every slice dripping with butter.

Gotta love him.....

Maestra said...

Ah husbands. We had our fair share of, "Really? Are you sure there's wheat in pancakes?" types of days in the beginning. Now it amazes both of us how many restaurant wait staff are clueless about basic ingredients like wheat and dairy. "Oh, he can't have toast? Does he want a muffin instead?" or "Here hon, you've been such a good boy, I know Mommy said you can't have the cake so here's a cookie for you." and the oft repeated, "But our bread (pasta, buns, muffins, etc.) aren't made from wheat, they're made from a mix."

Kim said...

LOL. I can relate now too, Maestra. It's so hard to find stuff that's gluten free and dairy free. I can just imagine if I put Lance in charge. "Just give him ice cream and pasta!"

By the way, if you have any recipe suggestions for wheat-free (although it's not all gluten-free), dairy-free cake recipes, please send them my way. I've been trying out all kinds to prepare for Nicky's b-day cake.

Sheila said...

Yeah....I'm hearin' ya....I'm just not feelin' all that sympathetic. I've told you this before, apparently it bears repeating: now you know what all of us without your ridiculous metabolism have gone through for years. (Still love ya though :)