Been awhile since I posted pics, so I thought I'd share a few.

My guy has been slow to speak real words, though he's been chattering nonstop in a language known only to toddlers for a long time. Anyway, he is experiencing a real vocabulary explosion now, eagerly learning his A,B,C's, trying to say just about any word we ask him to, and repeating over and over (and over) new words he learns. A few of his favorites are "hat," "on" and "offffffff," and these pics show a bit of his joy at being able to demonstrate and say all of them.


Kim said...


I know it's not exactly polite, but I have to say that I just love when Lance comes home and Nicky immediately looks up at his head and says "Gimme that hat, Daddy!"

Lyn said...

I am continually floored by how friggin cute Kostyn is! He could definately be a Gerber baby!

Heather said...

Still waiting for Dylan to have her word explosion, instead of babbling words that I can only assume are some secret baby language!

He is so cute.....and getting so big, still a sucker for those big brown eyes.

The Raymond Family said...

Wow! He is so much more grown up looking than the last picture I have seen of him, it has been awhile! His eyes are always so gorgeous.
Word explosions are so neat, they are at such a fun age!