Boy crazy

Today the nurse at the OB’s office asked me if I knew what I was having. “It’s another boy,” I smiled.
With a sympathetic look, she said, “Aww. Well, maybe you’ll get a girl next time.”
Isn’t it funny how we all believe in a different version of “the perfect family”?
I had to tell her that I actually was thrilled to learn I’d be having two boys. Brothers to grow up together, play sports together (or not), wrestle and fight and dream together, and perhaps most of all, stick up for each other (except for when one of them blames the other one for something, of course).
Plus, hello!, way cheaper on the clothes and toys fronts.

Anyway, consider this a warning: With less than 2 months to go, my mind and heart are swimming with expectations, excitement, insecurities, fears, dreams and revelations. I’ll be spewing at least some of it here. Gotta get it outta my head, man. I can’t sleep!
Stay tuned. (Or not.)

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