Perfect Fall Weekend

I'm finally uploading some pics from our weekend in New Jersey with my family. It was the first time we all (the three of us, my parents, and both sisters with their families) had gotten together since ... well, since before Kostyn was even a gleam in my eye. It was also the first time anyone could remember us all getting together for a weekend that didn't involve a major holiday or milestone (birthday, wedding, graduation, baptism). It was so nice to just be together, without obligation or expectation. And to spend less than two hours in the car to get home?! A dream come true, for sure.
Here are a few snapshots from our time at Kielynn's gorgeous new digs....

We went on a hayride to a nearby pumpkin patch on Saturday morning.

Kostyn must have walked a half-mile through that patch, like Forrest Gump I tell ya. I couldn't keep up.

Here's my brother-in-law Hank with his two cuties, Cora and Zayvius. (Cora's forehead is healing from a nasty incident with the corner of a concrete patio. Stitches to repair the muscle AND stitches to close the skin. Yikes.)

My brother-in-law Luis with my other nephew, Tesher, who makes any hat look good.

Little guy walked so much through that pumpkin patch, he crashed hard on the hayride back to the car.

The weekend involved plenty of hikes through the woods, which are gorgeous and peaceful and right outside Kielynn's back door. So jealous!

The three older cousins slept in a tent upstairs. Took them a looooong time to settle down, and not everyone got an equal share of blankets, but I still can't wait until KO is big enough to join 'em.

Lisa shot this nice pic on Sunday afternoon. (I am loving that wrap my mother-in-law just sent me. So cozy. Thanks, Mom!)

And finally, if anyone reading this is on my mother's Christmas card list, expect to get a copy of this one. All four cousins together, actually smiling at the same time. It took many, MANY tries.


Kim said...

Awwww.... So sweet! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. The kids are all getting so big.

Is it me or does Cora look exactly like her mommy?

Heather said...

KO is beaming! He's one happy baby.

Kim said...

Where's the trick-or-treating photos?!!!

xiriflus said...

Nice place and nice big family.