Kostyn watched some football last year, but let's be honest: It wasn't so much "watched" as it was "happened to be in the room, staring at the ceiling fan, when Penn State was playing on TV."

This year we knew he'd be old enough to do that thing that parents do to their toddlers: Teach them ridiculous grown-up gestures (not those gestures) that adults find amusing, like high-fiving and giving a "thumb's up."

So the first time Penn State scored on Saturday, Chris and I both instinctively yelled and threw our arms in the air, signaling "touchdown." Kostyn found this startling, then deeply amusing. So we jumped on it, repeating "Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!" to see if he'd mimick. He did.

The next time they scored, I was in the bedroom but Chris continued the lesson, raising his arms and yelling emphatically, "Touchdown!" Kostyn, of course, followed suit with a smile.

The third time they scored (all in the same quarter ... let's face it, this was not a formidable opponent we were facing), I was in the kitchen preparing Kostyn's dinner. Since Chris was in the other room, out of earshot from the TV, I instinctively yelled, "Touchdown Lions!" so he'd know we made it back into the endzone. Then I remembered our little football fan, and turned to see what Kostyn was doing behind me. He was making the signal I hadn't that time, with the biggest grin on his face. So darn cute.

It's gonna be a fun season. "First down!" is next on the list....


Grammy said...

Way to go, Kostyn!!!! We watched the game too and did our Touchdown cheer. Repeated it on Sunday too. Go Bills !!!
You are just too smart and cute.

Joseph said...

Although a pitchfork takes some dexterity, I'm sure Kostyn will figure it out in no time!

Joseph said...

Way to go Lions! The Beavers were no match.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

The exact same scenario played out at our house. This is going to be a fun season! And how about the team? Are they not looking terrific this year?

Robyn said...

Joe - even I haven't mastered the pitchfork yet, but we'll work on it. Promise!

Tara - Well, let's guard our optimism with the knowledge that we haven't played any real competition yet. But yeah, I'm pretty psyched.