CBS News Raw: Matt Damon doesn't like Sarah Palin

It's true, I have a hopeless Hollywood crush on Matt Damon. Did I need another reason to swoon? No. Did I just get one? Oh yeah.

(To be fair, I've done the research and it appears Palin never actually tried to ban books from the library while mayor of Wasilla (pop. 600 or so), but she did bring up the scenario more than once at city council meetings directed at the head librarian. Seems the librarian stuck to her guns and said she'd be dead-set against it, townspeople rallied around the librarian, and Palin never officially pursued it. BUT SHE WANTED TO.)

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Sheila said...

Some insightful stuff from your imaginary boyfriend here (funny how my crush was on the OTHER member of that Matt-and-Ben duo and he doesn't really seem to say anything particularly meaningful when he spouts about politics).