That's the only word I can use to sum up Pregnancy No. 2 thus far. Morning sickness sucks, and the name itself is insulting. Morning sickness, as if somebody (probably male) wanted to downplay its effect on your every. waking. moment.

I didn't really suffer (yeah, I said 'suffer'...should I have warned you that this is a bit of a pity party post?) from morning sickness with Kostyn. I'd get queasy if my stomach was empty, but a quick handful of peanuts or a cup of yogurt or a granola bar would do the trick.

But this time, I'm just generally queasy all the time. An empty stomach makes me nauseated, but so does a full stomach (God definitely has a sense of humor). Watching TV makes me nauseated. Brushing my teeth does, too. And any music with a harmonica or banjo (don't ask me .. I don't make the rules). And when the front of my collar brushes against my neck. And when I sit too far forward and my stomach is crunched. And when my son digs his knees into my gut when I'm carrying him. And when he presses into me when he's sitting on my lap.

So I walk around feeling like I have a constant hangover. Do you know how hard it is to eat healthy when your body is always screaming "Dude!? Hung over! Taco Bell!" That's another weird thing about this pregnancy -- I don't want any of the staples from my previous diet. Last time I loved my daily salads, yogurt, cheese and crackers, peanut butter toast and fresh fruit. Now, nothing appeals to me that's cold. Salads, fruit, yogurt, this stuff turns my stomach. And I'm not craving sweets either. Chocolate doesn't even appeal to me.

Yeah, I know! I'm No Longer Craving Chocolate.

This is just weird. I'd keep ranting about it, but I'm feeling queasy, and I need a snack.


Anonymous said...

I check out your blog often and I am so happy for you and this pregnancy...I had morning sickness with my second that beat all illness before. Hang in there...mine seemed to last forever. As for the eating healthy...I couldn't seem to do that either. I would chuck up and go on eating...gross I know...I am sure everyone has told you ginger helps...suck on a ginger candy. I also had to spit a lot. Could it get worse? :)

Tara said...

I'm sorry to say that I've already given you all of my suggestions. I hope it passes quickly!

Carol said...

So sorry Robyn! Every word you wrote sounded hauntingly familiar (except the part about eating salads and yogurt and such). Trying to brainstorm how I survived those weeks 8-12. For me, weeks 6-8 and 12-15 were queasy, but livable. Weeks 8-12 I thought I might die.

The biggest help came from popsicles and slurpees. I couldn't drink liquids much, so frozen treats were my hydration. An egg (if someone else would cook it) or peanut butter in the morning... protein helped a lot. And cold, crisp, peeled and sliced apples or pears. Oh, and Gobstoppers. The sticky hard candies grossed me out, but having something to suck on was nice. French fries. I went so far as to buy "Penta" brand water because I heard that the oxygenated stuff was easier to digest, and I was drinking so little the cost wasn't too prohibitive. Small bites, no food commercials, no grocery shopping. It's not a time to stress about nutrition too much. Hopefully you can make up for this when the MS subsides, and I'm crossing my fingers for you that it will!!!!

Oh, and I was shocked too by the lack of chocolate interest. Weird!

Amy said...

just means you are having a girl this time. :)

Anonymous said...


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