Happy Birthday Baby Bear

Today marked the one-year anniversary of the best day of my life. I can't believe a whole year has gone by.

I'll post birthday pictures (and vacation pictures) asap, but for now here's a stroll down memory lane. This video clip is of Kostyn arriving home from the hospital for the first time. He was 2 days old. I look at this clip today and a few things cross my mind:
1. How tiny and skinny and fragile he was.
2. How absolutely clueless I was as a mom.
3. How Chris always videotapes every little moment for far longer than I think is necessary. In every clip I'm in you can practically see me silently screaming "Cut! That's enough! What the hell are you still filming for?!?"
I guess I should cut him some slack. It was a pretty big day.


maureen said...

Happy Birthday K-Man!!!

Kim said...

Wanna know what crosses my mind? You look to freaking good for someone that just gave birth 48 hours before! So not fair.

Seeing him just a couple of days ago, it's hard to believe that's the same little boy only a year ago. He's just as sweet now as he was then. Happy B-day Kostyn!

Robyn said...

I'm wearing my husband's sweatpants in that clip. You think that's looking good? You must be eight months pregnant to have such a kind perspective. ;)

Heather said...

I concur, Robyn. You look great in that video.
WOW. I can't believe Kostyn is 1!!!!!!!!!!!
Time flies.

Ian Leslie said...

Nice balloons on the mailbox.
I can't believe he's 1 already. I can't believe Isaac is 16 months already. Weren't you just picking us up on Edisto after our kayak trip?

katy kat said...

absolutely concurring with the "you look TOO good" comments!!! seriously, I was going to write that before I even read what everyone else said!

That video totally made me cry, memories!!! Can I blame pregnant hormones? Or is it just because I'm dealing with the same 1 yr mark!!!