My blog has been tagged by my friend Tara's. I usually play along with these email editions, so here goes:

Ten years ago, I was -
• Living in Florida, which is hotter than the face of the sun five months of the year, and writing messages-on-hold for a living. (It’s as mind-numbing as it sounds.) I also started writing a weekly “how to” column in the local newspaper on a newfangled thing sweeping the nation called “the Internet.” Oh, and then there was the whole “Chris, you have cancer” thing. That diagnosis came 10 years ago, too. Crazy.

Five things on tomorrow’s To Do List -
• Sweep the floor, so that I can stop picking cat and dog hair off my son’s clothes.
• Spend at least 35 minutes on the elliptical machine trying to recall what it felt like to be in shape.
• Will myself to not open either of the two half-gallons of ice cream I bought today.
• Write my column. On about how I need to get in shape.

What I’d do if I suddenly became a billionaire -

• Pay off my family’s debt, quit my job, travel the world, and every other ‘instant billionaire’ cliche
• Sock away plenty of cash for Kostyn’s (and Cora’s and Zayvius’ and Tesher’s) education
• I’d love to start a foundation to assist orphans in some way, but I can’t think of a decent way to help fill the gaping void left by a parent’s absence. I guess with a billion dollars, I could hire a think tank to come up with a good idea for me.

Three of my bad habits -
• I spend too much time on the computer.
• I procrastinate. Over everything.
• I’ll tell you the third thing later.

Jobs I’ve had -
(this isn’t all-inclusive, but it hits the highlights)
• waitress
• babysitter
• language lab attendant
• copy editor
• messages-on-hold writer
• technical writer
• columnist
• new media marketing associate
• features editor
• freelance writer/editor
• mom (highest paying and highest stress job so far)

5 things people don’t know about me -

1. I’ve never sent a birthday card on time. Ever. (OK, several of you already know this about me...)
2. One of the most entertaining concerts I ever went to was Huey Lewis and The News. I liked it so much that I went again when they returned to SPAC the following year.
3. I have a hard time watching conflict of any kind between people on fictional TV programs, even comedies. Sometimes I get so uncomfortable about it that I leave the room or distract myself with a magazine or something. BUT I have no trouble at all watching conflict between people on a reality show. So... I guess real drama doesn’t bother me, but fake drama does. Go figure.
4. I don’t believe in dishwashers.
5. I wish I was an athlete.

There. Now I tag two new blogs by two of the coolest people I know -- Sheila and Marti. You're it.


ricky said...

You still have 483 plastic grocery bags in your dishwasher?

Tara said...

You don't believe in dishwashers? What?!?

Kim said...

"I don't believe in dishwashers."

Spoken like somebody who actually has the luxury of owning one.

There are poor schmucks in NJ who have never owned a dishwasher, so you shouldn't take yours for granted!

Rhea said...

Oh my gosh, you don't believe in dishwashers? Honestly?

Adorable baby, by the way!!

Robyn said...

I really don't believe in them. You have to practically wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, so what's the use? And then at least some of them always come out with crusty crap on them and need to be rewashed anyway. So, I say again, what's the use? Plus they're loud and even the shortest cycle seems to take forever. Plus I'm a moron when it comes to loading them so I can only ever fit, like, two bowls and a fork in there. I use mine for storage (not plastic bags anymore, though, Rick. Mine has large platters in there now.)