How can one itty bitty thing make a noise that echoes so powerfully?

No parent forgets the first time they’re in the obstetrician’s office and they hear that distinctive “WSH-WSH-WSH-WSH” of their unborn baby’s heartbeat. It’s a life-changing moment, to say the least.
That memory came rushing back to me last week during an interview with a woman who lost her daughter a few years ago to cancer, as she described being with her — a 37-year-old mother to a 14-month-old baby girl — right to the end:
“I laid my head down on my daughter’s chest and ... they had her hooked up to those machines, ya know, and they told me when the numbers went down to zero, she was gone. I watched them go down, down, down. And I heard her heart stop. And that was the most horrible feeling. Because I remember the day I first heard her heart beat. And to hear it stop ... was just horrifying.”
I’d continue writing about this, but my heartstrings are being tugged out of my chest. Hurts. So. Bad.
You can read the column here.


Kim said...

Sorry. No way I can read that article today. Or anytime in the next four months, for that matter. I can't imagine how horrible that would be.

Just got back from hearing the WSH, WSH, WSH, as a matter of fact... Truly a beautiful sound.

Robyn said...

Aww, congrats! I can't wait to meet her!!!!

Amy said...

beautiful article. and important message -- the listen to your body part especially. keep writing -- it does change the world.