Christmas present, unleashed

Thanks to Chris for the awesome gift, and Morgan for a little long-distance IT assistance, the printer/scanner/copier I got for Christmas is up and running. This sounds like the most boring update ever, but I'm warning you to be on the lookout for Random Photo Postings from now on, as I now have a way to scan in old photos. Since most of the people who read this blog have been in my life for a very long time, watch out. You WILL be featured here at some point.

And now, let the random photo posting begin!

Here's me and Dad, sometime in 1973. I have no idea where we are but it looks like I am in an early '70s Baby Bjorn and dear old Dad is scaling some sort of tower with me strapped behind him, a bit precariously, I might add. But kudos to him for being way ahead of the curve with the baby carrying phenom, and not too insecure about his manhood to do it, either.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Robyn! My sister Lisa (far right) looks way more excited than me. No wonder every other picture I have from this particular birthday is me showing off my gifts, all of which seemed to fit an "Oscar the Grouch" theme.

What I don't miss about this time of year in New York:

(Incidentally, my family tells me there are no pictures of me standing on ice skates, because I never could. Even with these kiddo double-blade strap-ons, they appear to be correct.)

I have this particular hat on in half of my childhood pictures. I don't remember wearing it or loving it, but apparently I did. My older sister had a similar one (see red blur in the bottom right), which is probably why I was obsessed:


Kim said...

That hat photo is one of my favorites! That smile is precious.

But you really need to post the Girl Scout photo of you and Sheila! :)

Heather said...

Dude- This is going to sound weird. But you still look the same. You're very cute, you!

Sheila said...

Good stuff here. But keep 'em guessing about the Brownie and Girl Scout pix, yes? ;)