It's official: Kostyn has a pal. Our friends Ian and Carolyn had their son,
Isaac, four months before KO came into the world. Ever since then, we've
been telling the two of them what great buddies they are, even though they
never hang out. So finally Carolyn and I set up a weekly play date for the
two tots so, if nothing else, we could legitimize our claim that
they're BFFs.
Isaac's got four months of movement and heft on Kostyn, so the first week
Kostyn pretty much just sat in the middle of the floor and watched Isaac
whirl around him. But slowly, my boy's warming up and getting more
assertive. He's digging Isaac's toys and is particularly fascinated with the
mop of curls on top of his new pal's head. He likes to reach out and pull
them, much the way he pulls Mommy's hair on a daily basis.
To counter that, Isaac's going through a "bonk everyone on the head with
whatever he has in his hand" phase, so Carolyn's been diligent about not
letting K-Man be on the receiving end of that little game too often.
So far Kostyn is taking it like a champ, and I just know in a few months
he'll catch up in development and size, and then look out, Isaac. If he's
anything like his father, who hung out with older, bigger kids with names
like Tito all through childhood, Kostyn will be a wiry little brute and get
himself into lots of trouble.
(If he's anything like his mother, he'll just retreat into his room and write
some bad poetry.)
Either way, these BFFs are going to be fun to watch. Their first big test as pals comes next weekend. Isaac is a big Giants fan like his dad, and Kostyn is (despite his mom's best efforts) shaping up to be a Pats fan like HIS dad. I'm sure the winner won't rub it in the loser's face. I can't promise there won't be any head-bonking or hair pulling, though.


Kim said...

They're cute together. But Kostyn better look out once his hair grows in some more. Somebody's just waiting to get a fistful, I bet!

ZFooFoo said...

Crying because I moved my son 2000 miles away from his bff, and he's asking less and less about when he can play with her again....