It’s crazy the amount of “advice” you get as a new parent. Solicited and unsolicited. It kinda makes your head spin. The spectrum of opinions on every little matter pertaining to rearing children is so wide that it makes even simple decisions sometimes seem controversial.
One such decision for us has been when to start Kostyn on solid food, and what to give him. He’s been exclusively breastfed for the first five+ months of his life, and the contradictory advice and comments we’ve received, and the things we’ve read, on starting solids would make anyone’s head spin.
Start him at four months. Six months. Eight months.
Definitely start with rice cereal.
Whatever you do, don’t start with rice cereal.
Bananas are a good first food.
Avoid bananas, they give babies gas.
Start him on veggies. Eating fruit first will teach him to like sweet foods and he won’t ever eat vegetables.
Let him eat fruit first; babies like fruit better so giving him a food he wants will make it easier for you to teach him how to eat.
Give him one food for several days to watch for allergies.
Give him a different food every day; babies like variety.
Feed him at night, he’ll sleep better.
Don’t feed him at night, because if he has a reaction to the food he’ll sleep like crap.
The one thing most people agreed on was that we should trust our instincts and let the baby be our guide. “He’ll let you know when he’s ready for solids.”
For the past few weeks Kostyn’s been telling us he’s ready. Boy is he ready. We want to start him slow, but this weekend the little guy got his first food: pureed organic sweet potatoes. Mmmm. They were a hit.
Anyway, I think mom and dad had as much fun as he did. Enjoy the outtakes.
(P.S. - Thanks again, ‘Aunt’ Kim and ‘Aunt' Amy, for the high chair!!)


Kim said...

So freakin' cute. Looks like he took to solids better than Nicky first did. Took Nicky a while to figure out he had to open his mouth to get that stuff into his stomach.

Tara said...

What a sweetheart! He is so very cute, and he obviously loves his taters. Great post, as usual. :)